Mar 9, 2023

Peace, Love, and long time no talk

Can you believe it has been 2.5 years since my last post? YIKES. So many posts have been drafted and have yet to make it out of the draft phrase. 

Welcome to a new year. (I am aware we are 3 months in. Haters, please move along.) I don't subscribe to the "new you" mentality, but I can subscribe to an "improved you" mentality. And as we can tell from the latency of this post, I also don't follow the timeline of a new year to make those continual improvements. 

This comes back to my core values of always striving to learn. Knowledge is powerful in any avenue you pursue. Enhancing knowledge about something you already know or starting from scratch and being humble enough to learn something new! Either way, you are improving. 

While many formative experiences help create who we are, there is also the opportunity for each of us to explore and grow more organically. Like a pressure cooker, those forced experiences taught us that we also need the slow cooker option, letting things sit, ruminate, and come to fruition. 

When it comes to getting out of a slump (winter blues, anyone?) or capitalizing on a positive momentum you've gained, how do you set your personal goals? Do you have a process? Do you have accountability partners? Share it all with me, please! 

As we all set goals, let us be open to the opportunities on the table; whether we are brought into a situation or create the situation, be open to learning and improving ourselves.

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