Apr 28, 2012

Attitude is EVERYTHING!

I have always struggled with the idea of constantly being happy or even relatively happy. I have tried working on it constantly and last night I was SO happy. Me and two of my roommates were sitting in our living room relaxing and hanging out when one of my roommates said I had the best personality out of anyone she knew. That I was welcoming and exciting to be around. Someone I'd like to be around! :P

She will never know how much that meant to me! But then today this was my horoscope, yes I am one of those people who checks it everyday.

so, yes, this was very dramatized but... just an example of how our mood reflects outward to either welcome or push people away.

This could also be a result of being brain dead after being on campus for 4hours today. Yep on a saturday!


Smile, Be happy.

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