Apr 28, 2012

True Happiness

My Maui Mango Smoothie may have been a simple joy today, but it was incredible after a long day of classes and a test! Tonight as I was driving home from the concert I just felt good. There was no worries or cares on my mind at that moment. I haven't been able to stop and just enjoy for a moment of what I am doing. After four years I am going back to school and I couldn't be more challenged right now. When I first got here it was anxiety over roommates, classes, and making friends. Then classes start and I was stressed about homework studying and trying to be social at the same time. So, today I took my first NAP since being here and it was heavenly! I didn't feel guilty about taking it until my roommate, Lindy came in to make sure I was up to get ready for work. I really didn't want to get out of bed!

It feels great to have a busy schedule and every minute of my day is planned out. I usually feel guilty if I am sitting doing nothing. Tomorrow, I hit the tutor center, computer lab and then the library for a day of homework! Cool, huh? My roommates might have called me boring the other night as I curled up in my room and did homework!

My life has been a little different lately, but I'm learning to enjoy it.


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