May 17, 2012

Another Great Fall.

For those of you that have been living in a cave... I seem to have the worst center of balance possible. I am not sure why it is so hard for me to stay on my two feet.

I had been doing a really good job and had made it almost a month from my last public fall. For those of you who didn't read that post- It was my first day on campus and I fell while crossing a cross walk... with cars stopped for me.-That was NOTHING compared to the incident I am about to share. When that fall took place classes hadn't started and the campus was empty!

Imagine being in the student center... where everyone goes to eat, have meetings, go to the bookstore, chill, and pass through on their way across campus. I had to work at the booth and was dressed up in a long skirt so that I could be professional. Well, I had my arms full of my laptop, phone, wallet, and sunglasses. Since my hands were full I didn't bother to pull up the front of my skirt. I made it half way up the stairs before I step on the front of my skirt and fell flat on my face... slid down a couple of stairs even! My laptop was much more important. My phone managed to find it's way down the whole set of stairs. I let out a really awfully embarrassing squeal and all the people that witnessed-A TON of people- just stared. Most of them waited to start laughing until I made it upstairs. No one helped me, so I had to go to the bottom to get my phone before I could go up and flee from the scene. Not only was this the most HUMILIATING fall I have ever had it was pretty painful on the cement stairs. My knee and shin bruised instantly and swelled up.

Here is a picture of my knee after letting the swelling go down.

The worse part? Later that day I was laying in bed reading and I had my computer plugged in by my bed... I went to get out of bed and my foot got wrapped in the cord and I fell again. On the same knee. I screamed pretty loud that time and just laid there. My roommates turned the corner and found me in the fetal position holding my knee. So pathetic.

Still me.


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