May 15, 2012

Dysfunctional Family...

Well, every week we have this little thing called "Family Home Evening" but more well known as "FHE"
We are partnered up with a boys apt and another girls apt and then every monday evening we get together have a quick little spiritual moment and then have some sort of activity and treats. This week I was in charge of the spiritual message and then we went and played volleyball out in the grass which meant diving in jeans on the grass... see picture below of my green knees...

Everything about this screams dysfunctional to me... ha!

And we just couldn't get it right!

Back row: Oly, Christian, BJ, Landon
Middle row: Me, Jamie, Victor
Front: Franny

I washed these jeans right when I got home and got most of the green out. Oh well.


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