May 23, 2012

Sand Dunes

I LOVE THE BEACH. Everything about it reminds me of my childhood! I could lay in the sand forever and not care. Well, I did the next best thing here in the middle of Idaho. We drove out the 20 minutes to the sand dunes and ran, jumped off the tops, climbed back up, had a bonfire, and just chilled. There were probably 25-30 of us all together. It was a lot of fun! Here are some pictures!

I felt like a million bucks after hiking up the first time.

Me and Bay! :)

Lindy was too scared to jump... so she was flying... :)

Some of the girls!

Roommates minus Bay.

I'd like you to meet Tate.
My ALL time favorite picture... these boys were crazy and although this makes it look like he is going to face plant he definitely landed it.

We had fun! :) I was SO tired when we got home! :( But it was well worth it! :)

Glitz and Glam!

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