May 31, 2012


I am heading to Utah with a full car tomorrow. I didn't think I was going to be able to go because my car... well it's a hog and it is no good for road trips. But I took advantage of our schools "Ride Board" you just post when you are going, where, and how much you are charging for gas. It is magical! I have never felt so popular in my life! So many people asked for rides and a few bailed but there were several more to fill in. So, I lucked out! :)

I am doing my sister Laura's hair on friday night which I am excited about. I am excited to see the whole Horne family since it has been a REAL long time. I am getting my own hair done on saturday and I can NOT wait! It has been 7 weeks since I have gotten my hair done! SHOCKER, I know!

Should be a good break but I can assure you next weekend I will be doing nothing but spending my saturday doing homework! Next week is also our three Bill Cosby shows so, I'll be run ragged by Saturday!

Keeping far too busy!
Glitz and Glam

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