May 28, 2012

Vacay Time

Well, I am officially back in Rexburg. I had a great weekend! A good break from school! I had fun with the family and we went to every consignment store in Boise. I never knew there were so many! :) I had some good finds, I will document them and share soon! :)

After barely arriving I sat with Squirt in the grass!

Levi refused to take a picture with me so this was the best I could do!

Morgan put up more of a fight when it was her turn!

Dug made the trip with us.

It broke my heart to see that Mahannah was too old to care that she was cuddling with a CAT!

It's not a visit without s'mores and a fire out by the pond!

Squirt and I had some quality time together!

She even sat with me by the fire! I miss her already!

I am glad to be back "home" not super excited for another week of school but... such is life! :) I do however feel like I need a weekend of relaxing after that weekend!

Glitz and Glam! :)

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  1. Yeesh, I can tell who was the highlight of your weekend


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