Jun 9, 2012


I haven't had such a busy week in a LONG time... and I am not sure if I ever have?! At least I can't remember a time!

Well, my three days of working with Bill Cosby were incredible! Who would have thought?!? Heavenly Father is just reassuring me that I am here for a reason! There was no doubt that I have been in my element this week! Yesterday, I had a longer break after classes and took a three hour nap! I am worn out! Three sold out shows at 3500 people per night!

Night 1:
I was setting up his dressing room per his instructions and then we just sat and started chilling. Then Miles and Rod (two of the guys in paid positions on the board) left and said they'd be back so I just sat on the couch in his dressing room and chilled then I realized it was 5:28pm and Bill was arriving at 5:30!!! There was only one way in and out of the green room so, I hustled down the stairs and when I got to the bottom, in walked Mr. Cosby and three people carrying his Louis Vuitton suitcases! It was dark backstage so I was in the dark with only a backlight shining on me. So, the first words he said to me... "Hello, lady in the dark!" and then he walked past me to go rest. I make great first impressions!
Later, just before the show was to start he came downstairs and asked who I was and what I was doing and then told the lady helping him that I didn't know what was going on. HA! Yeah that made me feel awesome. He clearly didn't know I was the one who set things up for him and kept his couch warm for him! ;P He looked at me and said "Alright lets do this" and started walking on stage. We hadn't introduced him or prayed. We caught him just before he was in the sight of anybody and then went out to MC. I prayed the first night and in front of 3500 people that is not a fun thing to do!!!! I was terrified! I hate praying in front of people anyway and add lots and lots of people and hot bright lights shinning down on you... well, I got through it and then found out I was the first prayer Bill had ever heard before one of his shows. That is pretty cool! The show was hilarious. We went to clean up his dressing room after the show and found his pizza untouched... It wasn't crispy enough. Getting the pizza was no easy thing either! He had to have his basil leafs centered on each piece and the pizza place didn't even have basil. So that was sad for us after working so hard for it just to sit there.

Night 2:
Everything went much smoother and I was not nearly as nervous! Maybe it was because I was doing the intro and Miles was doing the prayer! ;P We did our intro and prayer and then Bill came on and asked us to come up with him to the front of the stage. We were on stage with him for a few minutes and it was so terrifying! It was AWESOME though! After that I just went home and was supposed to do homework but talked on the phone to my friend Andy for a while. (for those whose mouths just dropped- it's not my ex Andy, it's a new Andy) Then went back and talked to Anna and Shawn- I gave them my tickets. Then cleaned up again. Bill had salmon that night so, we had to wash that dish because it smelt awful!

Night 3:
At this point I wasn't phased by anything. I was back in the groove of doing what I love. Miles, his wife, and I were in Mr Cosby's green room (dressing room) when he got there. He came in and said "Who's in my dressing room?" He has lost most of his vision so, he can't tell, he has to get super close to tell and the gets pretty awkward... But we told him who we were and he smiled and talked to us for a little bit and then turned to us and said "Is it picture time?" So we all jumped to and got our picture and then walked him to his dinner. We let him have a rest and then right before the show we said our goodbye's and thank your because we knew he would walk right off the stage to the car after the show. I was actually pretty sad. I wouldn't miss being called an idiot but, I grew to love him over the three days. So we did our intro again, Miles prayed and Bill came out and pulled us back up on stage and walked with his arm around me. Then sat down in his chair and then said he was going to the other side so, Miles and I thought we were done, we walked offstage and started talking, only to have a security guard come up to us and tell us Bill wanted us back out onstage. So back we went. We were out there again for a couple minutes and then he let us go. The worst part? He implied that Miles and I were fooling around backstage. Miles is married and they have a baby on the way... ha!!! After the show we cleaned the dressing room for reals... :( Bill had left three pieces of cheesecake! I love cheesecake! So we ate it. Bethany(Miles' wife) and I each ate a piece and were going to save the last piece for Miles but we ended up eating half of it by the time he showed up! :P whoops.

The fancy soap we had to order from out of state.

The three sets of dishes I had set up for Bill.

The cheesecake, before and after!

I am SO blessed and I can't even tell you how incredible this week was. It is everything I want to do! And I get to do it while I am in school! SOOOO awesome!


  1. Not nearly as good as being there but way better than nothing! I would never say I told you so BUT, AMEN.


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