Jul 15, 2012

Keeping up...

Living in a small town where everybody is trying to be the same person really drives me bonkers. So, I have tried to keep up with the outside world and that is including hairstyles and trends.

Keeping it classy... last sunday.

Hair bow. I've decided it is much easier to do on long hair and on someone else. But it was still fun.

The upside-down braid. Also the first attempt. Probably easier to do on someone else... but a little practice and i'll be good! :) And the high bun... that's a regular lazy day hair.



  1. Cool styles. Carrie will love them. Pass them on when you are here.

  2. They all look great!!I used to do the upside down braid ages ago but really, awkward to do! I LOVE you hair curled. It looks beautiful.


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