Jul 1, 2012

Rigby LAKE!

I have really been wanting to be in water lately. I miss the summer trips to Lake Billy Chinook where all we did was wakeboard, tube, and eat. I have really been missing the family too. So, I found a lake, about 10-15mins away and I have gone twice so far. Last monday night and then yesterday. It is pretty nice... they have a sandy shore so it's almost legit. :) It's been pretty hot and that makes the freezing cold water worth it! :)

I am starting to get tan again... it's AWESOME!

My hair after lot's of lake water and some sand thrown in there...

This girl... We are complete opposites. At least I got her to come with me!

Better view of the afro!

One of my favorite feelings in the world... sandy feet!

She went in the second time around! :)

Before these two... I would like you to know we were only at the lake for 2.5 hours.

The lighting doesn't do her burn any justice... she really was as red as a lobster.

Don't worry, it's tan today! :)

Lots of Glitz and Glam!!!


  1. Ur hair looks great with sand it! U should sell it at cosmoprof!

  2. Red yesterday, tan today, melanoma tomorrow.


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