Aug 15, 2012


For those of you not sure where I am or what I am doing...(which is totally understandable since it changes so often!) I am back in Delaware for a month nannying for Kate and Steve which means I am watching the twins again and to put it simply... it's AWESOME! I just play all day and with two of the funniest kids! Leah and Drew have changed my life they are such a blessing to me! And I know that they are blessings to Kate and Steve too!

(For those of you that follow Kate's blog, I am sorry about the similar post that is about to happen.)
Today we sat down to eat lunch and I started to eat and Leah and Drew both said we need to pray! (Drew may or may not have already had a mouthful of food.) I asked who was going to say the prayer and Leah volunteered. Yesterday she volunteered too but she just wanted to repeat what I was saying... today was different. She just started going and listing all the things she was grateful for-I chuckled a couple of times- she didn't seem to be coming to a close anytime soon and by this time Drew's plate was almost empty. But she finally closed and Drew gave a loud "AMEN"

They then continued to haul through their pasta and were ready for seconds. I guess I got lost in a thought from Leah's prayer because all the sudden both of them were saying. "More. Meg" It's crazy to me that these two year olds are teaching me! Helping me to remember to pray. They are sweet spirits and too cute not to love!

They make me want to be better... I want them to grow up and think of me as someone that is put together, striving to do her best, and an example of the light of Christ... not the hott-mess aunt with nothing in order. I am not sure I will ever be quite "put together" but I can sure try!

I don't want the time to fly... but it already is. So, I am doing my best to enjoy the time I have!

Glitz and Glam!

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