Sep 6, 2012

Flying high...

Can't believe I am sitting in the airport right now about to board my plane. Where did the time go?! Anyone else's lives flying by right now?

So, instead of finding the negative in this situation which to be honest... There is quite a bit of that. Ah, see I was already sidetracked! There is lots of good things!

1. Getting to see Iva, Anna and Shawn.
2. Knocking out another semester of classes
3. Being reunited with Bailey!
4. Work.
5. My car
6. And endless opportunities.

Basically I am sure there are lots more than just those 6 but, right now I have a pretty stubborn mind. I don't want you to think I am not totally grateful for all the awesome things in my life right now. I just hate goodbye and moving on to new things when I am not ready to let go!

There have been very few times in my life that I haven't been ready for a change in scenery or an escape so, I guess it's about time for it.

Only a few more minutes until I board the plane and fly to SLC... Then it's the bus to Idaho Falls where Anna and Iva will pick me up and then I'll drive to Rexburg and move into my new apt.

This is real life.

Glitz and Glam!

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