Nov 2, 2012

Peace, Love, and A PEACOCK?!?

"Are you peacocking?" (NAME THAT MOVIE... 17 Again)

My response: "Yes, yes, I am. Always."

I can't believe it is November and Halloween has come and gone! Life has been crazy here! I dressed up as a peacock three different nights and the third and final night I finally got to do my makeup how I wanted to! :) It took me almost 45 minutes to do! I know... just for makeup.

Night one! My makeup was just okay... too far to tell in this picture though. This is Brittney and Laura my gold diggers! :)

The girls! (Night 1) Meg, Marissa, Lauren, Jenny, Laura, Brittney.

The final product! :)

Night two makeup! :)

Night three makeup... can you tell I love makeup?!

A better picture of night 3! :)

At this exact moment Troy was apologizing to me for hitting my in the head with his box! ha!

Lauren, Brittney, Meg

Lauren, Jenny, Meg

Too much DANCING!

The group... with a photo bomb by the hulk.

Me, Brittney, and two of her guy friends... ha!

We like to party... Mormon style! :)

Sorry for all the pictures but that was narrowed down from a 100-something!

Glitz and Glam!

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