Dec 4, 2012

Peace, Love and CATCH UP!

My oh my, school and work have taken over my life. The social aspect hasn't helped either. I am constantly going and have to schedule out the hours of my day. So, should I be blogging right now? No. I should be writing my 10-12 page research paper.

I have been avoiding this paper for a month now and it is due in two days. AWESOME.

We had our last show of the semester on Saturday night so, that leaves me with working on next semesters shows and the website! Less work= more time for finals.

I have moved out to Idaho Falls, it's about a 25min drive to campus and it's AWESOME. I am apartment sitting for my sister and watching her dog, Dug. I love it. I take dug out, we go for walks and then we cuddle and watch Netflix. It reassures me that I want a dog BAD! Dug is the best! He is really good at distracting me from school work though!

Maybe next week I will catch up on blogging and post all the photos I have been missing.

Glitz and Glam! :)

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