Dec 21, 2012

Peace, Love, & HORNES

We made it to Utah! We've had a busy and planned out schedule since we've been here! Its been great to have more family time and see the little ones. Audrey ran to me the second we got here and cuddled with me that night! It was AWESOME!!! I love it! We've got lots of kids around here! :) Tonight we made the trek up to Sundance and it really made me want to live and work there. I loved it before when we went for a girls weekend back when I was 16. But, now that I am adjusting to snow and that lifestyle I can appreciate it for something completely different. I have a feeling I am going to follow in Laura's footsteps(working at Sundance) I am going to look into even doing an internship there!

It was gorgeous and it made it REALLY feel like Christmas. I don't need much for a happy holiday but I do love the "movie" feel christmas. Picture perfect christmas with the awesome smells and everything.

We're having a great time, sad to be leaving in a couple days but it has been awesome and if we continue to stay on schedule it will prove to be even better!

Santa's House! :)


Portabello Mushroom!!! DELISH!


We did Christmas a little early...
Lo knows me so well! I seriously LOVE these next two items!
Already using this bad boy! :D

This will make winter and trekking to work so much better! It's so cute and so perfect!

Glitz and Glam!

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