Dec 10, 2012

Peace, Love, & Thanksgiving w/LUKE!

I was so lucky to get to go home for Thanksgiving! I made my way back to Wilmington and my timing was AWESOME! I got to meet my sweet new nephew Luke! He was so adorable!

My new carryon bag! I no longer have to check my bag! :) Like my Dad always told me... Traveling light is the way to go! :)

Getting used to the idea of being a jet setter for the rest of my life... just need the job to keep that dream alive!

A place that actually has STARBUCKS! :)

Baby Luke!!!

Penny didn't waste any time picking up where we left off! :) LOVE her!

Yep he's awesome!

I fell in love with this ring! Eventually one day in the future I'll wear one of those things.

New and favorite mint sweater!

AWESOME PEACOCK dress! It was made for me!!!

Since I can't seem to find a real one... I just got the "Good Guy" Cupcake instead.

Bundle of joy! :)

LOVE him!

Not sure how I got zero pictures of my boy Drew?!? But here is the Princess herself! Little Leah! :)

Closest thing to a christmas card I'll ever haVE! :)

I had a great trip home and was so happy to have some family time! I miss the east coast SO much!


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  1. Loved having you here. It was the best. Miss you and love you so much!!!


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