Jan 22, 2013

Peace, Love, & Spontaneous Trip

Well, I had the day off yesterday so at about noon I decided to take a trip to Utah. I wanted to see the Hornes and get some family time in and I also NEEDED to get my hair done! So I drove straight to Alysha's house and she worked magic like she always does!

Getting ready for summer... if only the weather would get the picture!!!

Stopped at my FAVE place! Thank you, Provo

I spent some time with Laura which was really nice. Short but good! Her kids are too cute! They showed me some of their favorite christmas gifts! They make me a proud Aunty!

Maggie was showing me her slippers!

Audrey! Man, I love that little face!

Amos and a few of his transformers!

Love the mountains.... for some reason they are prettier in Utah. :)

On the way to Utah... this is just a preview of how nasty my hair was!

I had a great trip and even spent a little bit of time on the BYU campus. It was awesome to see some friends and family and it was back to a long day of work!

Glitz and Glam!

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