Feb 25, 2013

Peace, Love, & SKYPE

I had two Skype dates yesterday and they both made me so grateful for technology!!! I got to talk to one of my best friends all the way back from high school- it had been way too long! And then I got to talk to my bestie that is still in Utah! ;P It was just what I needed and it got me ready for the new week.

My spirits are up and so many things are falling into place right now. I am so blessed. Hard work does pay off and I am beginning to see how! I also get to go to the Dominican Republic on THURSDAY! I can't believe it! I am so EXCITED! Life is a beautiful cycle of ups and downs and just when I think I can't get through the lows- so many great things fall onto my plate!

I am already in love with this week and I am still at work! :)

Glitz & Glam!

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