Mar 22, 2013

Peace, Love, & BYU Ballroom Company

It's my last concert of the semester! I can not believe it. Seems like just yesterday I was waiting for BYU Vocal Point to arrive!(That was our first concert of the semester)

They loaded in at 12:30 today and I have been running here and there, ever since. I really love working with the BYU groups, they are always so grateful and kind! There are 36 dancers in the touring team so, it's a bigger group than we normally bring in.

It's the day of our concerts that I am constantly reminded why I love my job! It's what I live for! I am excited to continue on as Director of Center Stage next semester! I am so blessed and happy to have the job I have and to be able to make connections and network while I am in school! I just can't wait until I graduate and get to do this ALL the time! This semester of just working has been awesome! I've been spoiled!

Well, I better get back to work since soundcheck is about to begin!


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