Sep 12, 2013

Peace, Love, & JOHN STAMOS

No words can describe... My childhood dreams came true as John Stamos walked through the door onto the Jimmy Kimmel stage! I sat less than 30feet from him. UNCLE JESSE was right there! He may be 50 now, but he is still looking pretty dang good! He was pretty skinny though. 

Okay back to the beginning... Caitlin kept a secret from Mary and me! She got tickets and planned a whole little day without us even knowing! And she did a great job! I was impressed by her ability to make sure we were dressed properly and that we were completely shocked as she and her sister Whitney stepped into line outside the Jimmy Kimmel Studio!

It was so fun! I honestly had never watched the show before but it was so cool to see how many people were working and the best motivation ever: there was only one female worker on set! ONE. That gave me a little boost to work even harder! This girl will be in the industry!

I also made my second TV appearance! :)   First appearance was all thanks to Godspell, that brought me so many great things! :) 

Glitz and Glam!

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