Oct 9, 2013

Peace, Love, & Fickle.

I remember a shirt I used to wear in high school. I believe it was a shirt originally given to my older sister, Laura. It was passed down to me. Let me tell you about this shirt... I wish I had a picture.

On the front of this shirt there was a calendar of just a single month. Every day had a different boys name in the box. Every name crossed off until the last day of the month. It was just a joke then- well, sort of. I tend to still be this fickle. It's impressive if I find myself talking about one guy for more than a couple weeks. I realize this is a problem. But, I also find it as a very good thing. Here is why...

I am a bad-news-first kind of girl so let's start with the cons.


I will never be able to settle.
I become to independent-- I am all about women being powerhouses (to an intimidation level).
I become increasingly aware of my singleness.


I am finding what I don't like.
I am willing to give everyone(correction:most people) at least a chance before they prove to be a complete idiot or worse.
My options are open

Well, as I stirred over these thoughts and the current boytox I am on I stumbled across this article. It is written by a man and I couldn't support it more...
How to Find a Real Man: Who He is and Why He’s Worth the Wait

I am okay with where I am. I hope every girl can find peace in the moments of waiting. I will continue to be me. I am fine knowing that I am not going out on a date every night. Let's be real... I love my sleep. My future man is worth the wait.

Glitz and Glam!


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