Oct 6, 2013

Peace, Love, & a Full Circle

My friend circle was completed yesterday! I have very few people who are vital parts to my life for a continued amount of time. Jamie has been in my life for a few years now and it was an instant bond from when she gave me a high five and said that we should be friends. We became besties in the matter of a day. She has supported me even after I moved away from Utah. She has always been the best at keeping our friendship alive. She is one of the strongest people I know and I lean on her more than she knows! Something great happened yesterday! Not only did I get to go to Zupas in Utah but I got to see my Dum dum(Jamie)!!! And she got to meet two of my rocks. Mary and Caitlin! It was a happy moment for me! My whole cheerleading squad was together! They had never met so it was fun for me to look and see that they all loved each other. It meant so much to me to be with some of my favorite people all at the same time!!! Now they all know why the other is so important to me! :)

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