Dec 7, 2013

Peace, Love, & A Winter Wonderland!

Rexburg has been getting pretty miserable lately. Winter has set in and the below freezing temperatures are already appearing!

First thing I did after getting home from thanksgiving break was decorate our apartment. Brandy and I spent majority of the evening putting everything up! Turned out pretty dang good if you ask me! :)

Found this hat in my mom's pile of winter stuff... it will be a staple of my winter attire! :)

Never been so grateful to have this rockstar!!! Land Rover's are the best!

Snapchats... never fail to entertain me!

Please go away negative weather!!!

Yeah, this guy... rode past me on campus... what the unicycle?!

Brandy's room is so cold she prefers to sit in the hall... I then plugged in my electric blanket and put it on her! I am such a good friend!


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