Jan 22, 2014

Peace, Love, & Reflections

It's interesting what you can learn when simply sitting alone, undisturbed. Reflection can be a powerful thing. Taking time to remember what has gotten me to where I am and to reflect on what I am going to do to reach my goals. Dreaming is one of my most powerful tools. When I dream I reach so much further than I think is even possible. Realizing that my next step... Is completely unwritten and that only I have the pen is pretty cool! I have worked really hard to be able to allow the many choices I have ahead of me. 
So how do you prepare for the unknown?

Dream. (BIG) 
Work harder than you think you should. 
Jump on every opportunity. 

Every step can be enjoyed no matter what step of life it is. Some of my darkest times taught me more than ever to find the little things to be happy for.  

My trip to Hawaii has reminded me of how great it is to be able to live in the moment. I have been able to see some awesome things over the course of my lifetime. Each time gets a little bit better. I sometimes reflect on the times in my life when I thought nothing could top that moment. From sharing the stage with Bill Cosby, to the first time I stepped foot on a Broadway stage, to working with The Piano Guys. There are SO many other memories that fit into this category, instead of boring you with those, I'll move on. 

The world, though declining in morals, has many opportunities to do exactly what we want to do. Patience is sometimes the hang up. If we are patient and endure through the bumps we can find a way to make things work. Sometimes we have to listen and let God adapt our plan for us. God is there to help us. He knows us. He knows our desires and will help if we just ask and act. I had gotten to a pretty low place recently. I felt stuck in a rut. I couldn't see any progress. I needed a serious wake up call. And of course that is what I got. School is tough. But, I have booked through it pretty fast since my decision to go back to school. Some think I am crazy for taking 17-19credits/semester and having a part time job. For me, it works. I don't have long left and that is enough to know I am not in a rut. I am doing exactly what I am supposed to. I also get to have a dream job while finishing my education! 

Now it is your turn. What are the things you are letting yourself forget by focusing on the negative? If you are in a good place... Share your secrets! ;)  

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