Mar 3, 2014

Peace, Love, & A Hopeless Romantic.

I recently asked myself:

"How is it possible for me to be such a hopeless romantic and hate love all at the same time?!"

I then asked social media that same question. The responses irritated me because they were true and they were things out of my control. I am sorry but 'because I am female' just isn't a good enough reason (although so valid).

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As I stewed over the responses and my own thoughts I got a very unexpected text message. I hadn't heard from this person in years and was actually shocked he had my number still. Guess that's what happens when you don't ever change your number. Anyway, this is what the text(s) said:

(Sorry, I blocked out the name for my own privacy as well as his.)

I actually respect this person a lot and he knows me better than most people ever have or will. I have been told my whole life to be patient and to work on being the best possible ME. But is that really the answer to this question?

Maybe, maybe not. I still have not come to a conclusion other than 'it is what it is'. Just some food for thought.

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