May 4, 2014

Peace, Love, & The First Ride.

I mentioned in an earlier post that it was nice enough to get out for the first bike ride of the season. I went 17 miles which is close to my regular 20 miles/day from last year. I have some work to do and some time to shave off. The wind in Rexburg is even worse than the wind in Boise so that adds an unwelcome challenge. It's time to be consistent and diligent.

My vintage baby. Schwinning... all the way. At the end of last summer I upgraded the gear shift on my bike. I wasn't able to ride much after putting on the new gear shift. It rides so smoothly now. My plan is just to slowly rebuild my bike as things need to be fixed.

At this point I had made it 11 miles. Out to Beaver Dick Park. It's a campground off the river that is also a big place for local college students to go have fires in the campfire pits.

Aside from the wind, it was gorgeous. I love Spring and Summer. The sun changes everything. The warmth and sun make me so happy!
Here's to many more miles on my bike.

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