May 10, 2014

Peace, Love, & My MOM!

Mother's Day is upon us and I was unable to go Boise to be with my Mom. I thought and brainstormed what I could do to show love for her. My mom is a grinch. I say that with love, she knows she is. It's kind of the joke of the family. Laura used to set up the Christmas Village, I would mark down the days to Christmas, My Dad would put up the lights and we all helped with the tree. My Mom helped but it wasn't until I got older that I realized she only did it for us- her children. Her love has no bounds. We all know I have not always made the best decisions in life but my Mom never once stopped loving me. She is a warrior. I have seen her go through things I would never wish upon anyone. She has been an example to me my whole life. It was in the hardest times that I bonded the most with her. She never let go of me as I constantly pulled away. It's incredible to me that I have been so blessed to have a mother that is truly my best friend. I tell her everything- most of which I probably shouldn't. Ha!

I remember so many moments in my life where my mom has listened to the spirit and blessed my life beyond words. Once upon a time my mom saved my life. (This is just one of many examples.)

I had just gotten home from school I was maybe 5 or 6 and it was a hot sunny Florida day. My mom had packed strawberries in my lunch box and they had spilled. My mom asked me to go clean out my lunch box with the hose on our patio. I bounced outside to the hose oblivious to the imminent danger I had just walked into. As I was going about cleaning my Pocahontas lunchbox I hear my mom quietly and calmly tell me to put my lunch box down and come inside. I knew. For some reason I listened and didn't argue. As I got inside my mom shut the door and then showed me through the window why I had needed to come inside. The hose was so loud that I had not heard the distinct rattling of the rattle snake that was at my feet. My mom had the prompting to go check on me that she could have ignored. Had she ignored it, I would have been bitten by that rattle snake.

That is just one of many examples of her being my life saver. She loves me so much she even used to put up with me and my NEED for room temperature gatorade. I love gatorade. I hate cold gatorade. All my older sisters liked cold gatorade. My mom used to keep a big bottle of gatorade on our kitchen counter just for me. I remember one day there wasn't any left on the counter. Me- being the brat I was absolutely had to have my room temp gatorade. She went to the store and got some. That is true love. I am sure she much rather not go to the store that day when she was already so busy. It is these moments that I will never forget.

I am not sure what you give to the person who has given you everything she could. I decided I would sing a song and make a video for her. I started writing a song and failed... I cried every time. So, I then decided I would look through songs about mothers and I decided Taylor Swift's "The Best Day" was a good one. I didn't really love it. So, I tried to think of songs that embodied a message my Mom has always taught me. So, I decided on Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband's 'Dream Big' I have always been encouraged to go after my dreams.


There is nothing more fitting than one picture in particular... If you didn't notice, find the picture of me as a child with a orange gatorade mustache.

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