Jun 2, 2014

Peace, Love, & Positive Feedback.

Sometimes all we need is a vote of confidence and it makes every worry, angry thought, or doubt disappear. We don't want to seem needy by constantly seeking out positive feedback but sometimes we need it. Let's be real, everyone wants to feel needed or appreciated. It's good to know your hard work is justified.

I recently had a horrible night at work. It was a double-header show night with two sold out crowds. It had potential to be an awesome night. It was anything BUT awesome. There have only been a select few performers I have had a hard time working with... this guy fit perfectly into that category. I had to step outside at one point I was so frustrated and couldn't pull myself together in front of the 900 people waiting for the second showing. My job is to take care of the performers and crew. That is pretty much the most important thing I do. I could do nothing right for this performer. He had no reservations in letting anyone know what they were doing wrong and that he was not happy. If someone yells at me for trying to help them- I SHUT DOWN. I have no desire to help someone who isn't grateful for my time and work. So, that being said it was an ugly night. Lucky for me I have an incredible team. From the ticket office, to ushers, to security, to A/V I work with some awesome people. I was not alone in this annoyance and sincere desire to be done and go home. We all worked together and got through the night. Those nights are RARE.

I usually love working with the performers and have no problems. That makes up for the nights that aren't so awesome. This weekend was no exception, it was a great day at work. I got a great email today from this weekend's performer and it was a nice reassurance.

This email was sent to my boss and then forwarded onto me. It's emails like these that really make my day! I am so lucky to have a job that I love and that I want to do for the rest of my life but sometimes it's not all glitz and glam. I have to remind myself of all the great people I have worked with and blow off the ones that I would prefer to forget.

:) I decided I need to be better at reminding those people in my life that they are appreciated and that I love them! That's my new goal. I love leaving notes for people so, I might just carry my post-its with me and leave a trail of notes. :)

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