Dec 31, 2014

Peace, Love, & A New Book.

It is incredible to me that tomorrow is 2015. I remember in 2012 when I decided to go back to school and I was told I would graduate in 2015- that seemed so far away. Now I am just a few months away from that glorious day!

I have decided (after reading through Facebook and Twitter) that New Year's Eve is the most emotional day of the year.

From the people that are glad to be done with such a "horrible" year to the people upset about the lack of accomplishments from the last year to the people refreshed and invigorated to make 2015 incredible. Every emotion can be felt today. I believe it is your choice which one you are feeling. I look at my year and I see incredible accomplishments. Some may look at me and say, you are still in Rexburg. Still working the same job. To them I say:

I am closer today to graduation than I was last year. I have learned and grown so much from that 'same job' with Center Stage. I even got a second job for my final semester at BYU-ID. I have remained busy and productive even over my summer break helping to put together part of Baldapalooza a wonderful benefit music festival.

Am I ready for a new year? Duh. I see great things and great change coming in 2015. I can honestly say I have NO clue where I will be when this time comes next year! That is both scary and liberating.

I hope you can look back at your year for the good. It is there. And push forward just like you did yesterday and the day before.

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