Mar 10, 2015

Persistence. One word. A whole lot of WORK.

The quest for an internship beginning in April is proving to be incredibly difficult. One thing after another has set itself up and then promptly fallen apart. This has only made my last semester before graduation even harder. I am not sure how many strike outs I can take before really feeling defeated.

I realize that I have a very niché job market that I am looking into but I also know that I absolutely love what I am doing and want to continue doing it. I have been pushed and pushed and in turn have been applying for an incredible amount of internships and then emailing, calling, and getting in touch with anyone I can to find new outlets to try.

What have I learned?

  • Persistence is key. 
  • Work is required. 
  • Trust in vital. 
  • Patience is needed.
  • Networking is crucial.

The job/internship front isn't pretty. I have faith and know something will work out. I would just LOVE for it to happen sooner rather than later.

 I wish it were as easy as I hoped it would be but I am not afraid to put myself out there and keep trying. Hope you will do the same when it comes to all troubles you face or eventually face.

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