Apr 27, 2015

Graduation-- or did I dream it?

With new beginnings comes a lot of goodbyes. I am sad to have said goodbye to friends, professors, campus, Center Stage, and all the memories from BYU-I. I am fortunate to move onto a new exciting adventure!
Meg, Mitchell, & Jen- Not sure how I would have made it through this last semester without them!!!

My farewell to BYU-Idaho in SHORTS. haha!

I am sure going to miss the view of this beautiful Temple above campus!

What's graduation without some selfies?
Juli and I! Hard to believe we aren't sharing a room anymore!!!

From volleyball class to tennis class to random adventures- this girl got me.

My adventure buddies! Jen and Luke!

One of the coolest places on campus!

When graduation doesn't start until 6- you end up hanging out on campus.

I did it! I am not sure who is more surprised... me, or my family? ;P I am just a week away from starting my new internship at the Deseret Book Corporate office and I really can't wait or believe it is all happening. It is insane how quickly the time has gone!

I am fortunate to have met the people I did and to be able to see what I can accomplish when I put my mind to it. I love Brigham Young University- Idaho and am so glad to have called it home for the last three years. Don't get me wrong- I am ready to move on.

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