Apr 16, 2019

Stop Lying.

WHOOPS. I missed last week, but that made me “on time” for my post this week. Last week, I went up 1lb and that sums up the entirety of the whole week for me. Zach and I went to Utah this weekend to visit family and friends. It was my first trip while doing Weight Watchers. I was positive I couldn’t travel and stay within my points. Yeah, I totally used some weekly points. Not all of them though! It was slightly shocking to me when I got on the scale this morning and was 2lbs down. OKAY. I can do this!

It’s funny to me to notice the difference in how I felt last week when I had gained and then compare it to this week and being down on the scale. Last week, as every meal approached or boredom set in, my thoughts turned negative and stayed there. This isn’t worth it. It takes too much time. I have to plan ahead.... Blah. Blah. Blah.

I am starting this week with a rejuvenated view.

Isn’t this true for all we do? When we fail, don’t do as well as we planned or had hoped, we get in a negative headspace. Why try then? What’s the point? I was fine before.
LIES. I didn’t start this journey for kicks and giggles. I did it because I saw room for improvement, growth, and to feel better. I would say this is true for all my endeavors in life. I didn’t give up when I wanted a bachelor’s degree, when I wanted to try out for the voice, when I wanted to go on a backpacking trip through New Zealand and Australia by myself to swing on the world’s largest swing, or when I wanted to buy my first home (and then second). 

The facts of life are simple. If we look for it, we can find it. We will always be able to say why we can’t do something. How about we ditch the easy way of doing things and focus on finding the reasons why we CAN do it.

We are stronger than we think. Whatever your current journey may be, you can do it. Set backs happen. Stick with it and look for the reasons you can. That is my goal for my journey to a healthy Meg.

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