Sep 27, 2009

David Archuleta anyone?!?

So, I was called into work last night while I was at my other job... so I worked all day yesterday with no break! My friend Angel had to bring my food because by 6:30 I still hadn't eaten anything! But this is story time!

I was getting everything ready for the show and it was Brooke White(Former American Idol Contestant) Number 1 she is adorable and the sweetest person ever! 2. She is actually good and I hated her on american idol! But I knew it was going to be a LDS crowd and mostly teenage girls and their moms and some husbands that were dragged along. I knew it was going to be a relaxing show... Which I needed. Anyway, I had just poured all the Gatorades into a bucket as well as the water and I had the boxes they were in as well as a chip box. The boys that I work with refuse to let me take the trash out to the dumpster so I just put them in the side room that leads out to the side entrance. as I open the door the room is dark and I walk in and run smack into someone. A small someone. it't dark and I can't really see but I knew it wasn't anyone I worked with then a voice way too familiar said "oh man, I am so sorry are you alright." I said yes I was fine he only scared the crap out of me. At this time I was trying to figure out why i knew his voice! So I turn to walk back out to the Lobby and when I get out in the light it was DAVID ARCHULETA! I almost died. He had come just to see his old friend from American Idol and then he sang 2 songs with her. I literally can't even describe to you how little he is! Like my mom's size!(sorry mom.) But then he rushed upstairs as to not be seen and I was stuck downstairs in the Lobby knowing he was right above me! ha ha But he is a really amazing kid! No lies I meet some of these famous people and am so let down that I don't even get phased by most famous people in the industry. But he definitely proved to me there are some gems in the music industry! Made me really happy! Then he was in and out all night and he just smiled and waved at me. I am surprised I didn't do any damage to him! In all honesty I felt like a monster next to him! That was my night at work and Angel came and hung out with me so that helped because it was a really slow show.

After the concert we went to my friend's friends birthday. ha ha It was a whole lot of fun too! I just want everyone to know. I love my job. I love my life. I love my friends. and I am having a blast!

OH! Angel and I are starting a promotions company. We already have a street team and have the wheels turning and are pulling all our strings with every concert venue and booking agency for the area! The Kollective's promotions guy just got fired so we saw an opportunity and we are taking it! I am gonna make it in this industry and what better way then opening my own company. We have our website up and running and I am already going to the Miley Cyrus concert for free to flyer and work. So, wish us luck. I know it may seem weird to people that we are opening our own company but it is in demand and the job hasn't been getting done. If the job doesn't get done.... soooo much money is lost! I love it! I am so excited about it!

Today is my chill day to do some homework, relax and get ready for a real exciting week! I will keep you posted on all my doings!


  1. Wow Meg- that's tons of exciting stuff! I hope all goes well with your business (and school and jobs etc!) I'll keep you in my prayers- I'm sure you'll do great, I'm glad to hear that you're having such a good time. That's SO awesome that you're starting your own company! You're amazing! LOVE you! Best wishes! ttfn.

  2. I love David Archuleta and just think he is an amazing singer/songwriter. What an awesome show with Brooke/MJ/Benton Paul..and to have David Archuleta show up as a surprise was awesome! Loved all the videos people have been sharing from the evening. David has such a soulful/pop sound. I was lucky enough to meet David this summer while he was on tour...and he is such a beautiful and nice person. His tour shows are amazing!

  3. David Archuleta is the greatest!


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