Oct 26, 2009

Honor Society.

Andrew, Mike, Me, Jason, and Alex. These boys are too much fun!

Let me tell you... I had been looking forward to this show since we first booked it over a month ago. I spent a lot of time on it and couldn't wait to meet the band. I personally love their music and looked up to these guys. Everyone I worked with made fun of me and told me I would be disappointed when I actually met them. They said that is how it always worked! They didn't want my little heart to break or be let down. Since I would be working with them I would meet the real boys and not the guys they pretend to be for their fans. I would get to know them on a whole different level. This is one of the first times that a band I love has come through our venue. Most of our shows are not my kind of music... so I was so excited.

I met the boys at the theatre and they had a in studio at the local radio station. They station was very cool about it and let all the fans that were out on the street into the station to watch the in studio. So that went well. I was at the theatre to help with the meet and greet as well as the "Sound Party" The sound was a select few allowed into the venue to listen to the "sound check" which really was a couple songs and a Q&A. They made sure everything was good before they let the fans in so they didn't really get to see a real sound check but close enough. I was kind of let down while watching the sound party because they weren't very energetic but then for their real set they let it all out! They were awesome live! I took them to starbucks after sound check. It was awesome to spend time with them and get to know them. I had to keep my cool though. I didn't want them to know I was really a huge fan.

Their show ended at 9:15 then they do their meet and greet after where they take a picture with all their fans that had purchased some of their merch. So pretty much everyone at the show. ha ha So while I watched these super fans (super obsessed and groupies.) Take pictures with them I was very grateful to make eye contact with the bands as they made fun of some of their crazy fans who follow them everywhere! After the fans had cycled through the assistant tour manager told me to go get a picture. And of coarse I was more than willing! I gave them all hugs for like the fourth time and then took my picture before we were going to take it, Andrew (they one on the End that is gorgeous) said everyone look amazing. Where in all the other pictures they would make serious faces and goofy faces. So I felt special. Then they were waiting to go out to their bus but all the fans were waiting outside so they stayed inside and were playing around with a little football. they were throwing it back and forth and i wasn't really paying attention when all the sudden I looked up and mike had thrown it right at me. and I caught it. ha ha lucky me! they were all impressed. So I talked to them for awhile then their assistant tour manager took all my information so hopefully I can sell merch for them on their next tour. how cool would that be!? I mean seriously dream come true!

On a side note David Archuleta was there again. It beginning to not even phase me anymore!

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