Oct 30, 2011


Andy CAME to town! And by town I mean the CITY! It was so nice to have him here for a full week! It's hard doing the long distance thing even when I know it is what is best for both of us right now. But, here's the details:

I had a lot of good times, hanging out on rooftops, shopping, going to NYU Campus, walking through central park, times square, and finding little hidden parts of the city that only locals go to. Some incredible memories. I did however cut our week short. I went to Delaware when I knew I needed to and it was wonderful to have open arms and a nice bed waiting for me here. My sister picked me up from the bus station in downtown Wilmington- one of the most dangerous cities. I have never been so relieved to see someone. I learned a little more than I wanted to at the end of our week together. But I am thankful I know now rather than finding out down the line somewhere else. Needless to say, I have a lot of spare time now to focus on new things, better things, and set myself up for what I want to be doing. It is a good refocusing experience. Here are some photo's of the trip. The ones I thought best to share.

Andy and I, my first night in the city at the party.
Kat and I.
All I can say is... WOAH buddy. hahah
One for the paps. We are high class. We just enjoy ourselves and when someone randomly points a camera at you and says pose... this is what we do. ha!
A big random group of the band and a few extras.
Andy on the mic.
Spread the Love music video shoot... towards the end of the day when everyone was beginning to feel it...
THAT'S A WRAP. photo after a long day of filming.

This might be the end for Andy and I and that is something I can't comprehend right now. But the truth is, I love him and always will regardless of our situations.

I am grateful for the time I had in NYC and for the time I have now to refocus and find myself. I am ready to take on some more things and that is what is exciting to me regardless of bad experiences we can always find something good.
I am still finding the good, day by day; hour by hour; and minute by minute.


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  1. Looks like a fun trip! Thanks for sharing all of the pictures.


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