Dec 5, 2011

All upon a Sunday night...

Last night, against every feeling I had- I went to an Honor Society concert. Granted I hadn't seen them preform in over two years. It was great to watch the show. But the emotions were too fresh. I am not sure why I felt like I would be able to handle it. It's been just barely over a month since everything happened and I pulled myself out of the situation. But, I did enjoy myself. I had some very awkward conversations and a few sincere conversations as well. It made me miss what I used to have which is against everything I have been working on. Like oh, I don't know... MOVING ON. Well, I probably won't make plans to go to another concert anytime soon but I am glad I went even if it made it a little harder for me. I spent the evening with my friend Allison so she was my moral support and at least I wasn't alone! After the most awkward goodbye I have ever had I got in my car put in my honor society cd and cried the whole way home. :) I'm so grown up. Ha! Embarrassing that I am even admitting that!

Kat had texted me and told me to go so it was good to see her for a brief period of time. I pretty much fell in love with a couple of their openers... Aaron Camper and The Trace hadn't known much about them before!

Hope all is well! :)


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