Mar 14, 2012

Are you doing what you love?

I love seeing my friends- or anyone for that matter- doing what they love to do, jumping hurdles, trudging through mud, and shining like the sun. One of my friends is doing just that!

Hunter is releasing an EP next month. So, from Show Time to broadway, to solo artist. I have learned a lot from Hunter. He inspires me to reach for my dreams. I FINALLY told him I was moving to go back to school and he sighed a sigh of relief and said "Me Too! Well, I am not going to school but I am moving." Funny how neither of us wanted to tell the other one that we were moving to the opposite side of the US. He was excited for me and we are pretty sure our timelines will lead us back to NYC at the same time again. He has been an incredible person to look up to. He has shown me the normal side, the paparazzi side, and the it ain't easy side. I am sure there are technically a ton of other "sides" but you get the point! :)

Here is one of Hunter's new songs. I am simply in awe and have no words to describe his talent. Such a voice, such a person.

It's a little weird to call him my friend but, at this point he seems no different to me.

All The Best,

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