Mar 24, 2012

So long, farewell.

Bittersweet emotions have taken over my mind lately. I had my last weekend in NYC this weekend. I can't wait for the day to be back there. Walking on those streets, taking the subway, hanging out on rooftops, taxi rides, broadway shows, people watching in central park, SO many more memories I have and so many wonderful friends. I have truly been blessed to live the life I live. To learn by the example of some incredibly successful friends and to team up with people looking to break in just like me! Together we stand united in our dreams, goals, ambitions, and that is exactly what is going to help me through the next few years. Here are several photos from my manhattan adventures...

Classic Meg... my gold kicks! :)

Peace- Ready to go!

Pinkberry Smoothie only the best!

My favorite accessories!

Ready for Broadway.

Lower East Side, view of Long Island.

Really cool chandelier!

Central Park Chilling.

Central Park

Central Park- carriage rides.

Subway tracks... I spy a rat. Feasting on some cake... SICK.

Lower East Side random apartment's fountain.

From my favorite Lounge in NYC- Merchants. Tomato soup! YUMMY!

Apartments on the lower east side... they are my dream.

Blooming trees by the water. A beautiful spot! I love finding the little secrets of NYC and can't wait to find more someday!


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