Mar 24, 2012


Oh Disney, you've out done yourself this time! Disney has put on a Broadway Production of my FAVORITE childhood movie! NEWSIES has come back to the great white way! IT WAS PHENOM! No words can describe the incredibly talented cast, awesome set, and the slight changes in songs and the story line. I was pleasantly surprised! I was nervous it would measure up to Christian Bale but it has completely taken over my heart! I loved it!

I got early access to the ticket sales so I was fortunate enough to get a second row seat! I was definitely spit on. It was so awesome and so close! I fell in love with broadway all over again! And made some new friends that I may or may not be in love with them.

The Playbill.

Front on the Theatre

The Stage before the show.

"Jack Kelly" played by Jeremy Jordan

"Davey" played by Ben Fankhauser

Because I was extra special I also got this free messenger bag which has a $75 value! So, I will be rocking this as my new school bag! :)

I had an amazing time at the show and it was a great note to leave on... nothing beats it.


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