May 10, 2012

Drama Fest!

OH MY GOODNESS! I try to stay away from ranting blogs or negative blogs but every once in awhile I HAVE to do it.

You'd think someone-as myself- who loves drama and can be a drama queen herself would actually HATE real girl drama.

Living with four girls is beginning to no longer be fun. It only took a month to stray away from the happy go lucky attitudes. I saw some really ugly sides of people last night- which brought out my not so pretty side. And after working so hard to replace that side with good I was reminded it very much still exists when certain buttons are pushed!

The drama was unnecessary and completely exaggerated. It was like a seen from Gilmore Girls but times four because there were five of us bickering. I am pretty sure the people below, above, and on our floor could all hear the argument.

And the argument was over NOTHING. A whole lot of nothing. Some were hurt because others-myself included- were going off on their own or doing their own things... uh, I think when I moved out of the house 5 years ago that I no longer had obligations to tell anyone where I was at all times. Not that I purposely disappeared and hid where I was going but, I was no longer telling my Mom and Dad every spot on my itinerary.

We are all "fine" now. But whatevs I am still going to do what I need to do and nothing will really change so, hopefully we never have to have another break down.

That is my rant. I am sure I could go on longer, but it is not necessary and also really negative so, for now I'm moving on!


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