May 8, 2012


My time is slowly no longer mine. I forgot what it is like to be busy. I am learning how to juggle again. I love being busy, even if it stresses me out. So, I welcome the craziness and just do my best. This weekend was one of those times. I played ALL weekend. And well, some might frown upon doing homework on sundays that is the only day I can do it. I am focused and spiritually minded... which helps me get through it all! So, I reserved that day for my homework.

Friday Night:

Diamond Rio! I actually had a really great time, despite being only one on the board to not have a DATE! Yep, not even a roommate by my side! I knew a few of the songs and really like a few of their new ones off of their recent gospel album. The piano player in Diamond Rio is LDS and he has two very talented musical sons who opened up for them. I didn't know them by name "Truman" but after two seconds of seeing them I realized I knew them. Welcome to the small musical world! So, it was fun to catch up with them and all that they have been doing, opening up for David Archuleta and Kelly Clarkson and touring at college campus' across the US. They sadly, have also gotten married since I last saw them, almost oh, 2 years or so?

So, there we are. :) Diamond Rio left straight from the stage to the hotel. So, I didn't get to meet them but, to be honest I didn't really care- and sorry if that breaks your heart.


My roommate Bailey and I went to IF for a shopping trip and to see Anna. We stopped by and picked up Anna and went to the mall... which is a huge deal for us stuck in Rexburg! :) We had fun and it was a great escape day for Bay and me!

Saturday Night:

Stake Conference. President Eyring(Not the Apostle; his son) did a Q&A session and it was AWESOME. I even spoke... offered my advice to someone's question which meant I had to stand and use a microphone so everyone could here me. My roommates were so proud. HA! After that we met up with some of our guy friends and went and got Fro-YO! SO delish! After that we went over to their apt and watched a movie and that was the end of our night.

Bay and I have a new thing that if either one of us needs a break or just to talk we walk up to the temple... let's say we might just go to the temple every day... HA! It's the best thing to calm you down and bring you back to logical thinking. Not only is it wonderful to live on the same street as the temple it is also wonderful to live in a town that is so incredibly safe that we can go for a walk at 11:30 at night.

Another night, another picture. Rexburg Temple

Meet Bailey aka Bay!

My photog skills... ha!

My new fave dress!!!

A tulip on campus! Spring is arriving.

Glitz and Glam!!

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  1. Way to speak at stake conference. That is brave. Cute dress!


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