May 16, 2012


I just bought a memory stick/USB converter for my camera and I can finally use my camera again... and in the process of charging it and uploading pictures I found pictures from the last time I used it.

Let's go back to January of 2011.

I went to Cosmetology school with Steve... hence the point of this whole trip of going to LA to a hair show.

Tina and me.

HAD to have a picture on RODEO drive.

I was trying to get the HOLLYWOOD sign in the back... turns out I was really awful at that. ha!

Me and my role model. Marilyn Monroe

Meryl Streep and I have the same size feet. Love her.

We were just jamming out to 'Jailhouse Rock' no biggie.

So, this just looks ridiculous because we are blocking the tiny palm tree and that is what the whole point of this picture was.

I love Palm Trees.

Gotta love Walt Disney!

Credit Card parking meter... that could be trouble or really convenient... haven't decided yet.

The HOLLYWOOD sign... it was pretty far away.

One of my favorite places! I had a great date night here with my now ex. Those pictures have since been deleted. But I saved this one. ha!

Well, here is blast from the past at what seems to be an incredibly different time in my life.


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