May 17, 2012


So, as most of my readers-if not all my readers-know about my friend Hunter... he recently left his role as Jesus on Godspell to go back to LA to film the next season in his TV series. We have kept in touch pretty well. When I first got here we talked more but since we have gotten more busy, it is random texts every couple of days and then a phone call if I need to talk to someone that understands the real world. But, today I got a really funny text...

He continued to go on to tell me about how he really wanted to set the two of us up... He thought it was perfect since we were both LDS. I just laughed and was flattered that he thought of me. I guess I am some sort of example... even if it is just of being a "cool" mormon.

This text followed one from a couple days ago that he had sent, saying he loved working at Universal Studios because on their lunch break they could go ride the rides. That made me feel great about being in the smallest town ever! HA!


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