Sep 12, 2012

Eastern Idaho State Fair

Ghetto places with good food, best friends, and the sunshine.

Shawn's doughnut burger. yuck.

Our Bricks of fries...

Jamie. I love her sooo much!

Bay!!! Love her too!!!

I made her go on the swings and she wasn't happy about it.

Don't mind my finger... we were in motion. ha! She was thrilled.

It's not a fair without a funnel cake!

Chocolate covered strawberry skewers!

Photo Cred:JME. I look pretty awesome huh?

Pina Colada time! :) Too bad mine was no good at all!

Well, It was an awesome time with family and my two besties. And we found out that they are both like the same person. Guess that's why I love them both! ha!

And yes, the diet starts Sunday.

Glitz and Glam!

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