Sep 8, 2012


Ready for picture overload?! I couldn't pick just a few... so this is after I vetoed a few! :)

First picture of the night... not sure where the hat came from...

I apparently can't do serious.

Maybe my favorite picture of the two of us. (Paul and I.)

Some of the table after the food was gone!

I love this girl! Katie is awesome!

We don't know how to do group shots.

Ha! We are nerds.

hugs goodbye!

functioning dysfunctionals.

Brian's photog skills!

We probably took 20 like this...

Peace Love and Sparkles!

A better group shot.

Another with Katie

What happens when Paul tries to take the pic

I miss these hugs already.

Oh brother! :P

I love these people!

good times... great people.

We were so happy to be at ihop...

Find Meg's shoes...

saying goodbye is my least favorite thing!

Anne... such a sweetheart!

Well, that took me forever! But these pictures mean the world to me right now! I miss them all and if you've picked up on anything I miss someONE a lot! :P

Glitz and Glam!


  1. Cute pictures. They look like a lot of fun. And I really want that shirt.

  2. Looks like fun. You the sparkly shoe?


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