Oct 2, 2012

Peace, Love, Adventures

Well, I may have had to stay up until 2am last night to finish my homework for today. I decided FHE and volleyball on campus were more important to me last night. And before that this weekend Anna, Iva, Dug, Dancing, Work, Four-Wheeling, and a bon fire were also more important than homework.

My bad. I forgot how much fun life can be with the right people. In Delaware I had let myself stay up to late, go out every night, and get up way too early to go hiking so, now I need to remember my responsibilities too! :) Don't worry, I haven't missed any assignments yet. I just happen to do everything right before they are due... my bad.

But, making friends and having fun is the ONLY way I am going to make it through this place! And we all know that is the truth.

And most days I even get ready... the perks of having a job that you have to be in a dress for. It seems pretty silly to just put on a dress and not do my hair. ;P

Glitz and Glam!

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