Oct 18, 2012

Peace, Love, and 16 days.

Wow, I have been so busy lately! I don't even know where the time has gone. It's midterms. WHAT?!? School this week has all blown up in my face. Just one thing after another that I have done a seriously bad job on even after feeling really good about it. It's just really frustrating. I know I should shrug it off as one bad grade but that is one bad grade in multiple different classes. Okay, so two different classes and one of them is my religion class. Shouldn't the fact that I have a testimony suffice??! One would think, but no. Wow, sorry. Little tantrum there.

I have been doing some good in my life, WORK. Which has also been pretty rocky but it is finally coming together and I am feeling really accomplished in the things I am doing. We have had some fun shows lately and this week well, tomorrow we have Jake Shimabukuro aka the Ukulele Hero! I've been working so hard on the advertising for this show! Hopefully it all pays off and people show up tomorrow!

Along with school and work I have been trying to have a social life which has actually been my saving grace. I have been lucky enough to be invited into a group and it just worked. We click and have the same interests and are all a little crazy! Laura one of the other directors on Center Stage is the one who started inviting me to things and I love her! She's a hoot. Which works well for me. We live next door to each other and are in the same ward. It's funny how connected we ended up being after not knowing each other before! We actually found out we met back in 07 when we were here before! She hung out in the same group I did then. Random huh?

So everything is going and that's what is important. I can't get hung up on what isn't working.

Glitz and glam!

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  1. Your testimony will suffice getting you into the celestial kingdom, which is ultimately more important...won't help for a degree though =P


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