Dec 31, 2012

Peace, Love, and Minimizing

I don’t think I could ever get used to the idea of a 10-item closet but, I definitely need to minimize! My goal is to get my wardrobe down to two suitcases. (Shoes included) I tend to be a serious hoarder and hold onto things because of the meaning behind it and not because I actually wear it.

I still have a whole outfit that I wore to Andy’s Album release party in NYC. I haven’t worn the shoes, shirt, or coat since (That was OCT 2011) but- I did wear the dress with my Halloween peacock costume. ☺ ha!

My point is, it is a new year. I move into my new place in two days. Since I am living out of boxes right now, I figured move-in day will be dedicated to minimizing my closet and EVERYTHING in general. I move around and travel too much to have so much stuff. In reality my goals all lead to a little apartment in NYC so, I better get used to simplifying NOW!

10 Questions to Minimize Your Wardrobe

1. Do I like this? (you'll be surprised how many times the answer is an emphatic NO)

2. Does it fit me the way it should... or at all?

3. How do I feel when I wear it? (physically AND emotionally)

4. DO I ever wear it??

5. Any memories attached to this item? (If negative, why carry that junk around?) This is my BIGGEST issue. Everything I have I know when I wore it and how I felt in that moment.

6. Am I keeping this because it was a gift?

7. Is this the message I want to send the world about me?

8. Does this color look good on me? (sometimes it's beautiful... just not on you)

9. Is it in good shape? (Some classics need to be let go.)

10. Have I worn this in the past year? (If no, there's a reason. I guarantee it. Set it free.)

Get rid of things:

• You hate to wear.
• Fit poorly.
• Duplicate pieces.
• You simply don’t need.
• Aren’t age appropriate
(Embrace the idea of ONE)

I stole this example closet from someone’s blog, yes she is preggers- I am not.


• 4 skirts
• 4 sleeveless shirts
• 4 regular short sleeved t-shirts
• 4 maternity short sleeved t-shirts
• 3 regular long sleeved shirts
• 1 maternity long sleeved shirt
• 3 sweaters or cardigans of varying warmth
• 2 cute summer dresses
• 1 sweater dress
• 1 formal dress
• 2 sets of pajamas
• 2 pairs of running shorts
• bras, underwear and socks
• 5 scarves and a funky headscarf
• 1 swimsuit

So, if you feel so inclined... join me in my minimizing kick! :)

Glitz and Glam!

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  1. Take a picture of it and let it go! Good job Meg! Every January I challenge myself not to buy anything I don't need right then. No coupon deals, no stock up items, no new toys, no new clothes etc. best of luck to both of us.


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