Jan 1, 2013

Peace, Love, & Motivation

Yep. It's a New Year... which, comes with new goals! :)

  • Care, even less about what people think
  • Share my heart more with everyone around me- love more, show more kindness
  • Live with more compassion
  • Not compare myself to others (we are all great, even if we don't have all the fancy stuff other people show off all the time on facebook, instagram, or anywhere online)
  • REDUCE, reuse, recycle
  • I want to get organized
  • I want to continue to learn new things
  • I want to be true to my heart in everything I do
  • I want to make sure I'm following God's will for my future
  • I want to inspire and encourage more
  • I want to live outside the "average" box...
  • I want to make more people smile and feel loved.
  • yeah, and maybe work out regularly again...

I stole "Forbes" list on how to effectively accomplish your resolutions.

1. Know Your Why.

2. Be Specific.

3. Don’t Just Think It, Ink it!

4. Design Your Environment.

5. Narrow Your Efforts.

6. Focus On The Process.

7. Forgive Your Failures.

Clearly-- they went more in-depth but I do love the list! :)

Best of luck with all of your endeavors! :)

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